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Compared to typography itself the internet is still a baby or at most a toddler. I was just over at I Love Typography reading an article on the status of Web font.  The article is titled Web Fonts. Where are we?  Will web fonts ever be a reality?

The Problem

If you upload a pretty new font to the web in the raw uncompressed format.  Anyone can come along and download that font for free.  Essentially they would be stealing it, because they never paid the designer for it.

Fonts are created by individuals or small groups of people that cannot afford to give their work away for free.

The Second Problem

Web designers want more fonts to use in their designs.  So they are pushing for technology to solve the security problem above.

There is a new solution that is gaining some momentum.  The solution is .webfont an idea created by Tal Leming and Erik van Blokland.  Here is the proposal for .webfont.

The .webfont movement is being supported by several foundries in the type community.

The Advantages

In this case all I can see are advantages.

  • Typography designers get to sell more fonts to web designers
  • Web Designers get to make prettier websites using a bigger array of fonts.
  • People get a better looking web that corresponds closer to a designers vision.
  • Everyone wins

Final Thoughts

.webfont solves all the security issues that surround typography and the web.  It does this with some magical programming that only two typography + programming geniuses like Tal Leming and Erik van Blokland could provide.  These two certainly deserve to be rich and famous after this huge contribution to the creative community.

.webfont seems to be the silver bullet that the graphic design community and the typography community needed to bring a better variety of fonts into the hands of web designers.

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